Induction Rechargeable LED Tea Light Candles

Revola Tea Lights

Light Dynasty's Revola Tea Lights are designed for everyday use in restaurants and the hospitality industry. It creates the perfect mood and ambience as well as conforming to safety regulations and reduces risk of fire hazards. Unlike other LED Rechargeable Tea Light Candles, Revola Tea Lights use induction charging which eliminates all pins and prongs for prolonged life span. It is environmentally friendly and energy saving with high ROI. Revola Tea Lights come in Extra Bright models and you can choose between Amber or Multi-colour. All Tea Light Candles come with 6 months local warranty.
Revola Tea Lights Amber
Revola Tea Lights Multi

Long Operating Hours

20 hours of continuous usage without electricity connection

Quick Return on Investment

Rechargeable Tea Light Candles are cost-efficient and can be used multiple times.

Reduce Fire Hazards

Flameless. Wind and water resistant.

Realistic Flame Effect

Mimicking real candle flame’s flicker makes it aesthetically pleasing and does the job.


Up to 4 charging trays (48 lights) connected with 1 power adaptor gives you hassle free charging.


No connections pins to improve candle light life span and ensures easy charging.


Rechargeable tea light candles are energy and cost efficient.


Place into different candle holders to create a perfect mood.


Remote control function reduces time and labor. Easy for placing in hard-to-reach areas.

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Rechargeable Tea Lights

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*All products come with 6 months local warranty