Rechargeable Table Lamps

Revola Table Lamps

Revola Table Lamps are designed for everyday use in restaurants and the hospitality industry. Induction charging avoids all pins, prongs and bothersome slots to avoid any hazards. It is environmentally friendly and energy saving at the same time. All lamps come with multi-color (changeable via remote) such as Red, White, Blue, Yellow, Purple, etc. All Table Lamps come with 6 months local warranty.

Short ROI Period

LED lighting provide huge long-term savings when electricity, replacement and maintenance costs are being saved


LEDs have an outstanding operational lifetime expectancy of up to 50,000 hours

High Quality

Made of high quality LED component to ensure durability and wide spectrum of colours


Attractive and appealing outlook which creates a perfect mood for your environment

Long operating hours

10 hours of continuous usage without electricity connection


Mobility of the Cordless Table Lamps allows placing it in remote areas


LED does not contain any toxic material and 100% recyclable, thus reducing your carbon footprint.


Induction Charging base Technology with charging indicators without protruding pins for safety purposes


Remote Control allows control for all Table Lamps in a single setting from a distance

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Rechargeable table lamps