Dowager flood light


The Dowager LED Flood Light Series serves a dual function of a Flood Light and a Bill Board Light. It is ideal for billboard or indoor and outdoor flood lighting application. It features 3 beam angles option for added flexibility. This series uses trusted Nichia LED Luminaire paired with Inventronics Driver to ensure the best quality for various applications. It is a high efficacy fixture of up to 130 lm/W that is made of quality aluminum with PC lens and Tempered Glass and has an IP66.


Dowager Flood Light

Mounting Angle Adjusting Knobs

Mounting angle can be precisely adjusted with a ±90° range, only need to rotate the knobs and lock them up. Should note the word
ROTATE here is just to loosen but not UNSCREW to remove the knobs, it’s a very clever design bringing much convenience and
safety to installations and debugging, especially to those high-altitude operations.


Mounting Options

Dowager Flood Light
Dowager Flood Light


Suitable for

Dowager Flood Light


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