15 benefits of LED lighting

15 Benefits of LED Lighting

Every business is (or should be) looking for more efficient energy solutions. One of the easiest ways to quickly reduce your energy use is by changing your current filament/ CFL/ Halogen/ HID/ Incandescent lighting to LED lighting. Here are the 15 benefits of LED lighting:

Benefit #1: Long lifetime:

LEDs have an outstanding operational lifetime expectancy of up to 11 years of continuous operation.

Benefit #2:
High Efficiency

LEDs consume far less power and electricity than traditional and conventional lighting. Huge energy and cost savings in the long run.

Benefit #3: 

LEDs does not contain any toxic material and 100% recyclable, thus reducing your carbon footprint.

Benefit #4:

LEDs are less fragile than traditional lighting and can withstand harsh conditions such as being resistant to shock, vibration, exposure to weather, wind, rain, freezer rooms, iceboxes and etc.

#5: Produce Minimal to No Heat

LEDs has lesser risk of causing accidental fire or burn. Reduce cost on cooling lighting fixture.

#6: No Emissions

LEDs produces little infrared light and close to no UV emissions, thus being highly suitable for illumination of sensitive objects or materials.

Benefit #7: 

LEDs can be dimmed, therefore resulting in a dynamic control of light, color, flexibility and distribution. Well-designed LED illumination systems can achieve great lighting effects as well as create great mood.

#8: Excellent Light Disbursement

LED is designed achieve higher application efficiency by delivering light more efficiently to the desired location.

Benefit #9:
 Instant Lighting

LEDs provide instant light and illumination when they are powered on and do not flicker.

Benefit #10:
 Frequent Switching

LED lights can switch on and off frequently without affecting the LED’s lifetime or light emission.

#11: Low-Voltage

You can achieve the same or higher illumination with lower power consumption with LED lighting fixtures.

#12: Long-Term Cost

Although LED are more expensive upfront, they are becoming far less expensive as compared to before. LED lighting fixtures provide huge long-term savings when electricity, replacement and maintenance costs are being saved.

#13: Short-Term Cost

Price of LED now has significantly dropped as compared to before.

#14: Zero Noise

LEDs operate silently with no annoying flickering noises.

#15: Color

LEDs provide a wide range of different colors for different purposes and needs. They are adaptable to be used in almost any environment or lighting situation.


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